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Car Coverage Information


Car Coverage Information

One Way Rentals


Can I pick up in one location and drop off my car in another location?

Yes. One way rentals are possible, but are booked on a “request” basis even though the reservation may say it’s confirmed.  The reservation is not confirmed until there is a confirmation number provided by the supplier.  The credit card will be charged automatically even though this reservation is technically on request.  If the reservation is not available, the guest will be advised and the reservation will be placed on “sold out” thus refunding the money.


Please note that Avis, Budget, and Emirates do not allow for One Way Rentals.



You must check what is covered in the rate details. We have different rate offerings for different nationalities & markets.


How do I tell what is covered by Tourico?

When booking the reservation, you can select “more information” the “Program Name” section (second blue line) will indicate what is covered in the package.  Clicking “show details” will give you a breakdown of everything.


What insurance is provided?

Please consult ‘Coverage’ section of the Tourico (or Emirates) reservation. 

LDW-Loss Damage Waiver-  An optional service that relieves the customer of all financial liability if the vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen.  Otherwise the customer is responsible for up to the full retail value of the vehicle.


PAI-Personal Accident Insurance- PAI is an option service providing medical and life coverage to the driver and passengers.  This coverage is good for drivers inside or outside the vehicle.  Passengers are only covered while inside the vehicle.


PEP-Personal Effects Protection- PEP is an optional service that gives maximum total coverage of $1,500 (typically) for personal property lost or damaged in the rental vehicle, minus deductibles.  There are some exceptions such as currency that is not covered.


ALI-Additional Liability Insurance-  An optional service that provides expanded coverage for the difference between the liability protection limits against third-party claims provided under the rental agreement.


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

What is covered?

If the rented car is damaged, you will be covered for the cost of repairing the vehicle, you will however have to pay an excess charge towards the cost of the repair. This excess will depend on the supplier and the type of car. This applies regardless of fault.

What's not covered?

  • Intentional damage/ gross negligence
  • Damage by not using correct fuel
  • Damage to tires
  • Loss of keys
  • Damage caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement.


This is included in the majority of product offerings please check the included in rate section and it will specify. Please note that Domestic US rates generally do not include CDW.


If customer does not have sufficient funds on their credit card, they can purchase additional insurances to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done at the car rental agent's office on arrival. However, this is an optional insurance and prices vary by car size.


Complete Cover Package

  • Also known as Fully Comprehensive Insurance / Super Damage Waiver
  • Charged per day


Damage Excess Reduction

  • Charge per day is lower than Complete Cover Package


Not every Car Rental Agent offers this insurance; it will be stated in the rental conditions.

Theft Waiver (TW)

What is covered?

  • If the rented car is stolen, you will be liable to a certain amount of the value of the stolen vehicle (it varies depending on car size). The rest is covered by the insurance. Theft Excess is not preauthorised during the rental period; it is only charged if the car is stolen.


Please note that some Car Rental Agents in Poland preauthorise Theft Excess.



Third Party Liability Protection (TP)

What's Covered?

  • Covers you in case you cause damage, including damage to passengers and their property  when using the vehicle


What's not Covered?

  • Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle
  • Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Damage to the rental vehicle



Glass / Tire Waiver

Customer may be held responsible for damage to or loss of tires, windscreens, glass and undercarriage. It has to be checked with the car rental agent.

Please note that some Car Rental Agents in Spain that offer No Excess rate will require customers to purchase glass / tire waiver on arrival.



What does Excess mean?

Excess is a security deposit preauthorised on the main driver’s credit card during the rental period. It is released once the vehicle is returned in good condition with no damage. In the event of an accident, the excess will be charged. Customer can reduce the excess by purchasing optional insurance, which is not included in the car hire. It will either waive or reduce the amount of excess. This can be purchased locally at the rental station when customer collects the car.

How do I reduce the excess? Can I take out additional insurance to reduce it?

You can purchase additional insurance to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done at the rental desk on arrival.  If you choose not to purchase additional insurance, then the pre-authorisation is required. This pre-authorisation is taken from your credit card. Please see your terms & conditions for further details.


What is covered by Theft Waiver included in the car rental price?

Theft Waiver provided by the Car Agent covers theft of the rental vehicle. However, it does not cover your personal possessions, which would normally be covered by your travel insurance. There is an Excess on the theft portion of the rental, which is covered by our Annual Excess policies.


Extent of Insurance Coverage

Collision Damage Waiver does not include damage to tires, windscreens, glass, undercarriage, or loss of keys. This will vary from country to country.  Please note that most of the aforementioned types of damage would be covered under the excess amount, unless it was a major accident and the windscreen, tires etc. were damaged too; then excess plus tires/ windscreen etc. would be charged. 

What is the amount for which I am insured in case of third party liability protection insurance?

In Europe it is generally unlimited but in the United States it is capped to 1-1.5 million. This is when there are people involved in the accident, not for car damage. Customers must check with the Car Rental Agent.


Why do I need to pay for car damage if the car price includes Collision Damage Waiver?

You only have to pay the excess, not the full damage cost.

Fuel Policy

What is a fuel policy?

A fuel policy is a specific term and condition set by the supplier regarding the charge associated with the fuel of the vehicle. Suppliers have different fuel policies.


What does the fuel policy “pick up full, return full” mean?

This means you pick up the car with a full tank of fuel and return the vehicle with a full tank.  Some suppliers will charge for this service when you pick up the vehicle, but will refund the fee on return with a full tank.


What does the fuel policy “pick up full, return empty” mean?

This means you pick up the car with a full tank of fuel and return the vehicle with an empty tank. Suppliers will charge for this service when you pick up the vehicle or when the car is returned.


I returned with a full tank, but have been charged?

Where a deposit for fuel is payable locally, it will usually be refunded if the vehicle is returned with a full tank. If the tank is not returned full, the supplier will charge for fuel at its prevailing rate. They may also levy a refuelling charge. This policy applies to most suppliers and locations, but they do vary sometimes. You should check your confirmation voucher, where the policy relating to your specific rental will be detailed.


Other fuel policies

Some Car Rental Agents have other fuel policies, i.e. Pick up empty, Return empty; Pick up half full, Return half full; Pick up quarter full, Return quarter full. These policies mean that there is no charge for fuel on arrival if customer returns the car with the same amount of fuel.


What are cross border or territorial restrictions?

Cross Border or territorial restrictions simply means that with certain countries you may have the option to travel between country borders. This option will be specified in the terms and conditions and usually there will be a charge for that. You must also get permission from the supplier to travel between one country and another.

Age Restrictions

What are Age Restrictions?


Age restrictions are set by the rental companies. This means that for insurance purposes the rental company may have a minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. All age restrictions will be in the terms and conditions of each rental, but is typically 25 for US locations. There are some companies who have senior’s driver’s fee for specific age groups.

Driving License


What is an international driver’s license and why do I need one?


An International Driver’s License (IDL) is recognised worldwide as a valuable document that identifies its holder as a licensed driver. It is required if the renter’s national driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver; otherwise it will not be accepted.  Guests booking vehicles through Emirates for Dubai are required to obtain an International Driver’s Permit and provide a drivers license where the address matches the address on the passport.


Do I need both parts of my British license to rent a vehicle?

UK license holders must present both the photocard and its paper counterpart at the time of rental. If the customer does not present both, the vehicle will not be released. If you have an old-fashioned driving license (only paper card), another form of photo identification will be required.


I don’t have my license with me, can I collect my vehicle?

No vehicle will be released without an original driver's license as photocopies are not accepted. UK citizens who do not have a paper part on arrival may provide a DVLA confirmation but it has to be discussed with the local office beforehand.


What constitutes 'major endorsements' on driving license not allowing a guest to get their vehicle?

These will be on the guest’s driving record. 

  • drinking or drugs and driving - shown on the license as DR10, DR20, DR30 and DR80,
  • causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs – shown on the license as CD40, CD50 and CD60,
  • Causing death by careless driving, then failing to provide a specimen for analysis – shown on the license as CD70.
  • Reckless/ dangerous driving.
  • Driving without insurance.

Low credit score with a guest trying to pay with a debit card or cash is also a popular reason why guests’ are refused their vehicle.


Airport Concession Fee Recovery (ACFR) - This fee is to reimburse Hertz for concession fees paid to the airport (hotel or train station) for each rental.


Hotel Concession Fee Recovery (HCFR) - This fee is to reimburse Hertz for concession fees paid to the hotel for each rental.


Energy Surcharge - The costs of energy needed to support our business operations have escalated considerably.  To offset the increasing costs of utilities, bus fuel, oil and grease, etc., Hertz is separately imposing an Energy Surcharge.


Rental Surcharge - Rental surcharges vary by location.  Depending on applicable law, they may be either mandatory or permitted fees.  More details can be provided at the rental counter at time of rent.


Vehicle Licensing Cost Recovery - This fee is for Hertz' recovery of the proportionate amount of vehicle registration, licensing and related fees applicable to a rental.


CA Tourism Fee - Car rental companies are required by law to pay monthly assessments to the California Travel and Tourism Commission on revenue generated at either airport or hotel rental locations.  This fee has been calculated to recover such assessment on an applicable rental basis.


Customer Facility Charge - The Airport requires that all car rental companies collect this fee.  The money collected is used to pay for new car rental facilities.


Transportation Fee - The city requires that all car rental companies collect this fee.  The money collected is used to pay for airport services.  This fee is mandated by the airport.




How do I extend my rental that I picked up yesterday?

You should have received a packet from the supplier when checking out the vehicle.  The information on how to do this should be inside that. Please note you will be charged directly for additional rental days.


How do I extend my rental for a future date?

In order to change the date, you must cancel and rebook. We cannot make amends to car rentals.


How can pick my car up earlier than scheduled?

Yes, but we will need to contact the supplier to make ensure the vehicle will be available to you.


My flight is delayed and I’m not going to be able to pick up my car at the scheduled time.  What should I do?

We cannot change the dates, but car rentals are typically held for 3 – 24 hours after the scheduled pickup timedepending on the location and season. We will contact the rental company to assure the vehicle is held for you.


Can I get a refund for unused days?

No, this is stated under terms and conditions that you agreed to when making the reservation.

If you did not pick up the vehicle at all, we must verify this with the rental company and you will be refunded in 7 to 10 business days.


Can I pick up a car in one location and drop it off in another location?

Yes, but the reservation must be made this way. Please note that one way rentals are not guaranteed.

Also, any additional taxes and fees for one way rentals will be billed to you directly.  Avis, Budget and all Emirates rentals will not allow for one way rentals.


Why was my One Way Rental placed on Sold Out?

One way rentals are not guaranteed, as stated under policies when you booked your reservation.  If a supplier notifies us that the rental you selected was not available, we place the reservation on Sold Out to refund your money immediately.


Why the van I rented was placed on Sold Out?

The van may have not been available at the location you selected, or the location is in blackout.

Please note on request vehicles are not guaranteed based on limited availability for the selected vehicle. If a supplier notifies us that the rental you selected was not available, we place the reservation on Sold Out to refund your money immediately.


How much will my drop off fee be?

Scenario 1: (not yet confirmed) we will not know the drop fee until we receive confirmation

Scenario 2: (confirmed reservation) the drop off fee should be stated under agent remarks on the second page of your voucher (if in back office notes).

If not, Tourico will call the rental company and find out for you.


Why did I have to pay for the reservation when I got to the location?

If your reservation was “publish fare”, your funds are placed on hold and then released by Tourico Holidays.  You must then pay directly at the location.  This information was provided to you at the time of the booking.


What’s included in my reservation?

Please check under Program name and also under Coverage on your reservation.

This is what will be included in your reservation (such as insurance and included taxes and fees)


My reservation is only for 4 days, why am I being billed for 5?

The times you have chosen extends into a new 24 hour period. For example if your pick up time was 1PM and drop off was 3PM, you are being charged an extra day due to a later drop off time


How do I add a GPS or child seats to my rental?

Tourico will contact the rental company for you to reserve these additions.

Please note you will be charged directly at the location for any additions not included in your Tourico Holidays reservation.

(Rental Company will tell you what the additional costs will be to the client for GPS or car seat)



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